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The Challenge

It's frustrating isn't it? You've been trading for a while now and you know some good techniques and have had some really successful trades, but you can't get over that hump of trading profitably on a consistent basis.

Perhaps you're on a winning swing trade and then all of a sudden you're blown out of the water by a news announcement that went against you that you hadn't expected.

Or, you have your rules in place but an opportunity that you "just can't miss" arises, and you jump into the trade without checking it out properly first - only to be badly burnt.

Sure, you might snag a winner here and there - but ultimately, your account balance is going south.

What if there were a system that kept you on track without cramping your trading style, a currency trading tool that enforces your trading rules and checklists? What if there were a system that warned you about "upcoming news announcements" that might affect your trade, a system that warns you when you're risking too much on a trade?

Trade On Track is that system ... read about how it solves these challenges and ultimately makes you a better trader ...