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Trading Fx

Trading fx is basically all about attempting to profit from fluctuations in the currency exchange market. The thing that continues to make trading fx so popular is the leverage available which enables magnified profits, and potentially losses too, from the regular daily fluctuations between particular paired currencies.

While there are still hedging and similar activities that propel the forex markets, the vast majority of trading comes from speculative investment to profit from currency movements. These speculators can be individuals, banks and even government bodies. People new to trading fx often don't understand that forex trades are generally not actual trades of real currency but are effectively just contracts for currency between a trader and his particular trade platform or institution. The currency doesn't actually change hands and an off-setting contract is normally completed to finalize a transaction.

Trading fx is therefore about buying and selling a contract or obligation relating to a pair of specific currencies at a set value. Often transactions are completed in a very short period of time including a large volume of trades closed on the same day.

The other important aspect for people trading fx to grasp is the role of the Market Maker. The Market Maker is the organization that traders generally deal with to undertake their trade activity. They can be banks, financial institutions, and trading platforms etc. Market Makers are basically providers of financial products that operate to hedge client's positions. They are normally the businesses that traders deal with in undertaking both the buying and selling of currency. Their profit comes from the spread that they quote in the bid and buy pricing.

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