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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are addressed below. If you don't find your answer here, be sure to contact us directly.

What is Trade on Track?

Trade on Track is a software tool which foreign exchange or futures traders can use to log and analyze their trades & to monitor their overall trading performance. The product also has other features such as news announcement warnings and calculators which can make a trader's life much easier. To get a better idea of what it is and what it does, please visit the screenshots page and the features and pricing page.

Why would I want to use it?

There are several possible reasons, including:

  • You're looking for something more than just a spreadsheet or a manual journal for logging your trades
  • You need an interactive risk management tool while placing or about to place trades
  • You need to easily assess the performance of different trading systems
  • You have several trading accounts and are finding it hard to track all of them
  • You need to keep stringent records of your trading for your own benefit or for someone else's
  • You need to simplify and organize your bookwork and support materials that are trading related
  • You need to be able to access your trading performance figures from anywhere, anytime.

Why not just use a spreadsheet to log my trades?

Spreadsheets have traditionally been very good, but also have some serious limitations when it comes to logging/tracking trades. A spreadsheet can't give you your current profit/loss on open trades, because it doesn't have a live price feed. A spreadsheet can't easily calculate statistics like maximum or average drawdown over a select period of time. A spreadsheet can't be used to upload chart screenshots. A spreadsheet requires a certain amount of expertise to configure graphs/charts. A spreadsheet can't warn you of upcoming news announcements when you're about to take a trade. Read more about the limitations of trading log spreadsheets.

Is it a program I download and install on my computer?

No, there is no installation required. Trade on Track is a server-based software application which means you can just use your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) to log in and use the program. As it's an online solution, you need to have an internet connection to use the program (but all forex traders do anyway, in order to use their charts/trading platform). An online solution has many advantages over an offline solution, including: no software install required; no upgrades required; no backups required; you can access it from any computer.

Who developed this program?

The developer of the Trade on Track software is Mark Thomas, an analyst/programmer with more than 20 years experience developing mission critical business systems and web applications. He's also been trading forex for more than 4 years. Read more about Mark.

Can I try it before I buy?

Yes. Just register for ToT-Lite which is totally free and you can use it for as long as you like. It has many of the features of ToT-Pro (the paid version) and you can upgrade or cancel at any time.

How much is it?

There are two versions of Trade on Track that are currently available: ToT-Lite (Free), and ToT-Pro (US$12.95 per month). Please visit the features and pricing page for more information about what is included under each membership.

Is it easy to cancel a membership?

Yes. When you register you'll receive a welcome email and that email describes 3 easy ways to cancel your membership. We don't hide anything from you and we don't want you paying for anything you don't want or like. We believe you'll love Trade on Track as much as we do, so will want to continue your membership indefinitely!

Is it safe?

We've taken all reasonable and even unreasonable steps to ensure your use of the software is safe. Your internet connection to the Trade on Track application is 128-bit encrypted, the same level of encryption that is used by internet banking applications. This means that information passing between your computer and the Trade on Track server is secure, even if you're working over a wireless connection at an Internet cafe. As with any site dealing with sensitive data - you should keep your username/password a secret. Also, with Trade on Track you don't need to disclose details such as trading account numbers and we don't record your credit card number or any other sensitive financial information. The information you record in Trade on Track can be real or virtual. For instance, if you have a $100,000 live trading account but don't wish to disclose this information, you can record this as a demo account in Trade on Track - it makes no difference to the program and so long as you know what account you really have, then there's no problem.

Where is my information stored, is it secure?

The data you enter into Trade on Track is kept on our servers in Fremont, CA, managed by the highly respected hosting company: Linode. All hard drives are configured in a RAID-10 array (providing protection against disk failure) and complete backups are performed daily.

Is Trade on Track difficult to install and setup?

No, there is no installation required and setup is quite straightforward. In fact, you do all the basic setup during the simple two-page registration process. After you register/subscribe, you can start entering and tracking trades immediately. Additional setup will be required to track more than one trading account and to enter checklists against your trading methods - but it's all quite simple to do.

I don't have time to learn something new, is it difficult to use?

No. The user interface (screens) are very intuitive and you can use as much or as little of the program as you want. To enter the details of a trade is only a few mouse clicks and some keyboard entry. If you can use a trading platform (like Metatrader or Tradestation), then you'll have no problem with Trade on Track. In fact, one of the reasons this software was developed was to avoid the need for expertise in using spreadsheets and other complicated database logging programs.

How does it integrate to Metatrader 4?

We have developed a special Expert Advisor (EA) which provides the integration between Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Trade on Track. Read more using the following links:

What if I don't use Metatrader 4?

That's no problem. You just enter the trade details directly into Trade on Track before or after you enter the trade into your trading platform. In fact, many traders prefer to work this way even if they are using MT4, because they feel they have greater control and are more familiar with placing the trade directly into the trading platform. The choice is yours.

Can it integrate to other trading platforms?

Not at the moment. Development work to integrate to other platforms is driven by demand and currently, MT4 seems to be used by the majority of forex traders. Please send us your requests for other platform integration and we will definitely consider them for future revisions.

I have a live account and a demo account, can I use Trade on Track for both?

Yes, in fact that was one of the primary design goals for the program, to handle multiple trading accounts. The trading log and analysis tools can list trades and statistics for accounts combined, or you can separate them. NOTE: ToT-Lite allows only one account, ToT-Pro allows many.

My trading account is not in US dollars - will Trade on Track still track it properly?

Yes. Just tell the system what currency your trading account is kept in, and everything is handled properly from that point on. You could have one account in US dollars, another in Great British pounds and so on. Because Trade on Track has a live price feed (well, near-live ... up to 3 minute delay), it can calculate the profit or loss on currently open trades and closed trades very accurately, in whatever currency your trading account is kept in.

How much trading history does it keep?

There's really no limit, so long as you don't obviously abuse the system. We expect each Trade on Track membership to contain the trades for one individual trader, so you can keep many years worth of your trade history in the system. If you're loading in 10 years worth of trade history for 100 traders under your membership, then we might have a quiet word with you. NOTE: ToT-Lite (the Free version) has some restrictions on trading history. See features and pricing for more information.

Can I print out my trading log?

Yes. There is a Print-friendly format of the trading log which you can view on screen, or send to a printer.

I don't like Windows, can I use this on a Mac?

Yes. The program works on most modern web browsers across many different operating systems. We've tested it on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and 2003 Server (using Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox); on Linux (using Chrome and Firefox); on Mac OS X (using Firefox and Safari), even an iPhone (running Safari).

What statistics does the program give me?

You can produce trading statistics on your trade history by filtering it in a number of different ways. For instance, you could filter it so that you just see statistics on one trading account, or one trading method, or one currency pair - or just include everything! The program shows statistics such as: total wins, total losses, average pips per win, average ROE% per loss, maximum drawdown, average drawdown, standard deviation of % Return per trade and much more.

What charts (graphs) are built in?

The dashboard includes a lot of different charts and we're adding more all the time. For instance, we have: an account balance line chart, a weekly profits bar chart, a monthly profits bar graph, a Trade Type (trading method) bar chart, a currency pair analysis, a weekly discipline analysis, a day-of-week bar chart analysis. Please let us know your suggestions for more!

Can I use the program from more than one PC at the same time?

Yes, although it's hard to be in two places at once! But, we know what you mean - you can have more than one PC logged into Trade on Track at the same time.

Can two people share a Trade on Track membership?

According to the Terms of Service agreement, that's not allowed. However, we don't really mind if you give your wife, husband, son, daughter or someone else close, your username and password to check trading history or to trade in conjunction with you.

I have a complaint / criticism / feature request to make. Who do I tell?

If you're already a member, then please use the support ticket system within the membership area. We welcome and treat seriously all comments, criticisms, and requests for changes or extra features. If you're not yet a member, then please use the contact form - once again, we love to get all forms of constructive feedback.

I think this program is the best thing I've seen in the forex world for a very long time!

ditto to above ;-) Please let us know!