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About Me And The Product

Hi, I'm Mark Thomas and I'm very pleased to have you as a visitor or member of Trade on Track.

Mark's family

The Trade on Track software application brings together two passions of mine (apart from my family, seen at left), which are: software development, and foreign exchange trading.

I've been a software developer for over 20 years now, originally working for a company that built and supported ERP systems serving thousands of users. More recently (since 2001), I've been working as an independent web site and web application developer, building, maintaining and supporting both internet and secure intranet, mission-critical applications.

I'm based in God's country: Australia (Newcastle, NSW), but have also spent quite a bit of time in the United States (also a very nice country ;-) ) installing, customizing and supporting various pieces of software.

In 2005, I became interested in currency trading and the forex trading 'bug' has not left me! :-) I love the challenges that forex trading presents, as well as the profits it has brought me and the potential still to be tapped.

Currency trading appears simple at first, but as all good traders know - it takes plenty of time, the right skills and advice to do well in the long run. Like most persistent traders out there, I had spent countless hours and dollars buying and wading through different courses, trading systems, signals services, newsletters and other trading 'education' materials. It has taught me a lot and I've enjoyed the journey, but along the way I became frustrated with:

  • Having to keep track of trading systems and analyzing the trades that I had taken effectively. I started keeping numerous trading logs using spreadsheets or other systems, but they were just too cumbersome to use and they didn't really provide me with any useful information in return.
  • Discipline - or lack of it ;-) . I found myself constantly overtrading, jumping into trades based on a whim or a gut feel, and basically not sticking to the systems which I was given by mentors, or which I had developed myself.
  • The facilities that my trading "mentors" were working with. My mentors were using patched-together websites to try to provide their clients with all the materials necessary to pass on their skills and knowledge. These materials included instructional documents, videos, checklists, upcoming event notices, news analysis and so on. There was a lack of structure to these materials, and the way they were presented. The systems in place to allow clients to ask questions were also severely lacking - so quite often, the client was left on his own.

So, from these frustrations, I came up with the idea of a software application to help me get on track with:

  • Managing the materials and resources provided to me by various mentors and educators
  • Tracking each and every trade I made, and allowing me to analyze my trading successes and failures in various ways
  • Enforcing various trading disciplines, such as start-of-day & end-of-day checklists; trading rules & checklists; and keeping me aware of the various levels of risk I was exposed to with my open trades
  • Being aware of upcoming news announcements which might blast me into a stop loss
  • Analyzing the effects of news announcements - and how the overall "fundamentals" are important.

The system development began in January 2007 and that software application obviously became Trade on Track! I was so enthused about its usefulness and effectiveness, that I HAD to make it available to ALL forex traders who want to get on track with their trading or to improve their profitability and consistency.

I'm a stickler for great customer service, so my team and I ensure all members of Trade on Track are well supported and that all questions and problems are addressed promptly. We also welcome any and all ideas for enhancements or changes to the system. Trade on Track is built for you (and me) and it continues to evolve with new features and remain a truly unique service & leader in its field.

I hope you will enjoy using the program as much as our current members & I do, and I'm sure with diligent use that you ABSOLUTELY WILL become a much better trader.


Kind regards and Trade Seriously!